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February 08, 2007
  • Having switched all of my feed digesting to Google Reader, I have been very happy. However, something strange has cropped up in the last few days. Specifically, the service began to hiccup a few days ago, but seemed to recover and now IE7 on Windows Vista completely hangs when attempting to scroll up and down when viewing a river of posts. Not only does IE hang, but the CPU usage shoots to a constant 50% until you have to forcibly terminate the application . Further, I have not replicated it on 3 machines and wonder how many others have encountered this?

    To reproduce, simply log into Google Reader and view list of posts. I have not attempted to reproduce this in the headline only "List view", therefore this should be completed in the river of posts "Expanded view". Now start scrolling through them via pressing the J/spacebar or via mouse. Then attempt to start scrolling back up to the posts you previously read. Preferably, do this quickly, i.e. (quickly scan up and down the posts). Watch IE choke.

    It should be noted this issue does not occur with Firefox 2. I also want to note that this occurs even while scanning items at normal speed, i.e. by pressing J then going back up a couple of posts by pressing K (or using the mouse at normal speed). In fact that is how I discovered it.

    Finally, the machines I have tested this on are all dual core machines running Vista with one having an Intel Core Duo and the other two containing AMDs (Opteron and Athlon respectively). Each machine has 2 GB+ of RAM. Further, I have attempted this with protected mode on/off, phishing off, UAC on/off etc. with no change in the outcome.

    I would love to hear if others are experiencing this. For example, Robert Scoble (the guy who tuned me into the improved Google Reader) - are you having this issue?


    This seemed to appear yesterday, as I have successfully used IE with Google Reader for the prior month.

    Feb 8, 2007 at 10:56 AM
February 01, 2007
  • Wmdc Given the site design change, I have other things I plan on writing about - however, since I referenced the lack of mobile syncing capability in Windows Vista two times, I thought it would be prudent to share that the WMDC was released earlier today. Download it here.

    Feb 1, 2007 at 05:41 PM in Mobile, Software